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HERCULA MONASTRELL 2009 - Castaño Family - a modern wine

Monastell - Hecula 2009: "drink no wine before it's time" This is a wine that appears to be complex on visual inspection with the nose in agreement but fails to deliver a complex taste on the palate. However laid for a few more years this wine should live up to its potential. My drinking partner begs to differ and believes that this wine should be opened and drank as soon as possible. Oakey and fruit forward on the nose with a hint of lavender and big cherry scents, this wine has a high taste of tannins on the finish which is a little on the acidic side for my personal taste (to drink each own). I recommend a long period of decanting to take some of the heat out of this wine. I also found this wine to be somewhat tart on the finish but a spicy delight with any food. Wine is the spice of life.

4 years ago by Old Spice