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2011 Rheingau Riesling.

2 years ago by Christian

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    It wasn't that long ago when leaders of men would raise a glass of wine to celebrate the conquest of enemies. Men would acknowledge their accomplishments by toasting, laughing and singing. They would eat heartily and drink wine liberally. Wine was the official drink of celebration. Sometime in the last few hundred years, though, drinking wine (like many men) went soft. Now you have a generation of men in designer suits who fancy themselves connoisseurs of wine. Men went from celebrating good times with wine to celebrating wine itself. The Sledgehammer man, in contrast, is a bit of a throwback. He prizes the simple things in life: spending good times with close friends. To accompany and enhance these good times, his drink of choice is Sledgehammer Forged Red, a smooth blend of red varietals.
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