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Gabriele Moscato Sweet White Wine


This started well with the welcoming Moscato aromas to the smooth taste of green apple (as in a Granny Smith), white peach, with just a touch of lemon on the palate. I have not given it 5 stars because, hard to believe, there are better. Now in ranking it with Kosher wines, I definately think it's one of the top Moscato's. This I should soon know, for my search through Kosher Moscato's is drawing to a close. There are only 2 or 3 at the most I have not tried. (As far as non kosher that's a world of its own. There are literally hundreds of Moscato's out there of various kinds. There are other wines I would rather try in the short years I have left to me now. 30ty years is hard to catch up to guys. I'm giving it a fair college try considering monetary restrictions. May y'all continue adding notes to this some day!?!)

3 years ago by Williamlkannsr