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Colby Red Red Blend 2010

COLBY RED. A California Blend. After getting bored with misc $10-$14 doll or bottles of single grape wines, I have been trying Red blends. Up to the time of this bottle purchase($12), I began to believe that my search for palatable wines (in my budget range) was exhausted. Then the other day I was in Walgreens to get some things, when on the way out I passed these wines on a end cap (unusual). So I splurged $12, and now here I write about it, because this wine, has me ecstatic. What is to be said is what the label describes. Never has this happened , except when purchasing wines in the $80 and up range. The body is full and stays full for hours. The five grapes linger to enjoyment. I can write for a long time, but I will some this comment up in short, and say that there a 14 less bottles at that Walgreens today, because the are in my feller, being assured that there is a great amount of gorgeous Tannins to keep this wine for another 4-5 years. Another reason for the large purchase is that a portion of the profits a donated to the studies of heart health.

5 years ago by Ed M.

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