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Chateau Lanessan Delbos Bouteiller Haut Medoc 2000

Opaque, dark crimson red with slight pinkish rim. Long legs. Expressive nose, wow, dark fruits, licorice, incense, meat juice, flowers and stone. palate is a bit closed initially. Note of red cherry liqueur, faint dry leather. Heat is quite strong, and seems slightly overpowering other scents. Very intriguing scents, but taste note doesn't seem to back it up.sufficiently. Tannins are noticeable and dry. Acidity is slightly high, though not overly done. Finish with ripe plum juice, smoke and dried wood. Lacking complexity, the wine can probably age more, hopefully can get better. Although balance of the wine may suggest that not a whole lot of evolution there will be.

4 years ago by Cheung R.

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