Reviews of Corkbin Wine App for iPhone

    "I like the ease of use of Corkbin. Having a picture of the label is worth at least a short paragraph, if not a thousand words. One can then put in a few words saying WHY you liked, where you found it, and the price. Very nice." ★★★★★

    "Very convenient way to keep track of our favorite vino! Photos of labels are a nice touch and it's fun to take a look at what other locals are drinking!" ★★★

    "An original way to a long wine journey. Who drinks what and how does it taste?" ★★★

    "What a wonderful and easy way to log your tastings and share them with Twitter and Facebook too. Gets better with every update!" ★★★

    "Gorgeous design, simple user interface, perfect wine logging app while out and about
    (fast data entry and location tracking). A model wine app." ★★★★

    "Best way to keep track of my wine period." ★★★