Why do you require that I create an user account to use Corkbin?

The registration & login process allows Corkbin users to store & retrieve the wines they've captured using the app. This is particularly useful to allow users to pull up their data cross multiple mobile devices running iOS or Android or if they ever replace their phone.

How do I enable or disable location services for Corkbin?

This is possible for devices running iOS. Simply go to Preferences > General > Location Services, and toggle the settings there. Android does not provide such facility for its users at this time. Instead, you can mark the wine as private.

Can I access Corkbin without an Internet connection?

Currently Corkbin supports offline mode for the Android platform only. Wines added offline will be uploaded to the server once an Internet connection is available. This feature is not available in iOS but we are planning to add it in a future release.

Are all of my wines shared on the Corkbin website?

The Corkbin website shows the wines recently added by our users under "what are other people uncorking...”. Only the photo, comments, & location are shown. We do not share any information about the you.

Is there a way to share my bin through my own website?

Yes a web widget is available. Simply launch Corkbin, go to Settings > Create Widget and follow the instructions provided.

Can I search for wines by attributes such as varietal or region?

We're currently exploring a way to add and search wine attributes without adding additional overhead to our users. Please stay tuned for a future release.

I love Corkbin! What's the best way to get the latest updates from you?

You can follow us on Twitter at @corkbin or become a fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/corkbin.